We Made It!

Well after a 7 hour flight and a 20 min tube ride we made it to our home for the week- Plaza Hotel. Not a Hilton or Westin by any means (dorm style type living), but it’s not bad. A couple girls in my group weren’t very happy at all though and through a hissy fit. Apparently the shower wasn’t up to LA par and they felt like they were in the hotel from The Shinning.

Somehow I lucked out and got a room to myself with a shower and a sink! Down the hall from me is a room with three guys from our group and we’ve hit it off- a 4 man wolfpack if you will (for those of you who have seen The Hangover you’ll get my wolfpack joke).

We’re off now to head to Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal!!


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2 Responses to We Made It!

  1. Kimmy says:

    Liz!!!!!!!! omg so funny. I LOVE IT. Bring you back to Rose Hall days doesn’t it?? So glad you got there safely. I miss you dearly. HAVE FUN!

  2. Tina says:

    Hey lover! I hope you’re having fun! I saw you got to go to the Dave Matthews concert! I’m so jealous! I love you and come back safe please!

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