Can’t Get Much Better

Sorry I haven’t been able to post more frequently; we’ve been so busy and trying to pick up free Internet is a little tricky.

Saturday was AWESOME! I told the Associate Dean that I could have died Saturday night and been ok with that because I had so much fun Saturday.

We went to an Arsenal game and it wad AMAZING! Their fans are so passionate and loyal. They have cheers for everything and everyone in the entire stadium yells – it’s unreal. I literally got goosebumps from it. Oh and you can’t take your beer bottles to your seats because they’re afraid of fans throwing the bottles (an insight into those crazy hooligans I’ve heard so much about!). 

After that two guys from my trip an myself made the trip (I like to refer to it as the Amazing Race, because that’s what it felt like) to the O2 Arena to see Dave Matthews! The main “tube” line to get there was closed so we took the tube half way and got a taxi the second half. When we got off at the tube station we walked out to the street and Big Ben was right there! I couldn’t believe it, it was so beautiful all lit up. I didn’t have time to continue staring in awe since time was running out before the concert started. We hailed a cab and honestly, I don’t know how we didn’t die because Lenny, our cab driver, was driving like a bloody maniac! He only went one speed: 60 mph. Lucikly we got to the arena ten minutes before Dave was going on and we actually got great tickets! We sat on the side of the stage but we were SO close. It was such a good concert! I’ve seen Dave a bunch of times but it was really cool to see him in London. A truly amazing experience that I will never forget. 

Today (Monday) we started the day by going to Parliament. I’m bummed because I couldn’t take pictures inside but it was amazing. It’s hard for me to explain – it’s one of those things you need to see for yourself. The rooms were stone and wood and plated in gold. The detail that went into the building was incredible and everything had a meaning.

This afternoon we went back to Emirates stadium where Arsenal plays and got a tour which was awesome. I’ll try to post some pictures for you all to see. We also met with Arsenals COO Tom Fox (an American). He was so intelligent yet, so humble and friendly- very refreshing.

Oh I forgot we went to Wembley Stadium for a tour yesterday. That stadium holds 90,000 people!!!

I hate to cut this short but my i.Phone is. going to die and there’s a lively Austrailian Pub (Walkabout) calling my name. And I’m sorry these posts are going to be grammatically incorrect and all over the place- I’m typing on my phone and it’s really tricky plus my big fat thumbs hit all the wrong letters!

Cheers! (people say that a lot insted of goodbye)

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