Arsenal We Love You!!

The second half of Tuesday was yet again fun and adventure filled. After lunch at a cute little Italian place (that had AMAZING food-and I’m not just saying that as someone who loves Italian food) we hoped on the tube and headed to the financial district of London to meet with the 2012 London Olympic Committee. We met with the Head of New Media, Adam, and discussed everything from facebook to sponsorships. After our meeting I now have the urge to come back to London in 2012 and volunteer for the Olympics, specifically working with Adam.

We had a quick turn around time from when we got back to the hotel after visiting the Olympic Committee to when we needed to leave to head to Emirates Stadium for the Arsenal vs. Porto FC Champions League match. The game was amazing! Arsenal won five to nil! One guy that scored for Arsenal (I’m embarassed I don’t remember his name) got past three of Porto’s defenders to score, I couldn’t believe it! The title of this post is actually part of one of the many chants and cheers that Arsenal fans yell thoughout the game. As I said in an earlier post, the fans are incredibly passionate and loyal-unlike any fans I’ve seen in the US. Last nights game was one I’ll never forget.

Here are some pictures-enjoy!
1-looking out at London from their office 35 floors up
2-a mini model of the building plans for the Olympics
3-a glass wall in their office that reads Think London
4&5- field pictures from the Arsenal vs. Porto FC Champions League Game.

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