Mini-Weekend Recap

It was a busy weekend as far as sporting events go but a few things really stood out to me. Yes, the first item on my list is the Redskins vs. Bill preseason game that aired Friday night with the Skins coming out victoriously with a final score of 42-17! Don’t worry, unlike some Redskins fans you won’t hear me talking about how we’re making the trip to Dallas this year for the Super Bowl and “this year is different”, etc.; I’m more of a realist. The first couple of series weren’t pretty (they also weren’t awful) but things began to settle down and it looked like the guys really felt comfortable out on the field, they seemed to be working together and meshing well. Brandon Banks looked especially good in the third quarter when he returned a punt for 77 yard touchdown, and let me tell you, that kid has some wheels on him! Like a good teammate he thanked the other guys on the field for holding up their end of the bargain; “It felt really good. All the credit goes to the other 10 guys; they did their job, and all I did was run. My job wasn’t hard. . .It was a dream come true.” He topped off his touchdown with a tribute dance to newly aquired Washington Wizard and fellow Raleigh native, John Wall (thank you Comcast SportsNet for letting me borrow this picture!). I hope to see more John Wall celebratory dances coming from the Redskins this season!

Now, although the Orioles didn’t sweep the Tampa Bay Rays, they did catch my eye but, how could they not? They took the field in uniforms that closely resembled the same orange jumpsuit Lindsay Lohan wore in jail. The uniforms were a throwback from the 1971 season, and I suppose they weren’t that bad (I’m trying to be nice because the Orioles really don’t need anymore negative press this year) but new and witty manager Buck Showalter wasn’t a fan either. “Someone said it looked like Halloween candy corn,” Showalter said via the AP. “Take a picture. You won’t see them again.” Showalter is 9-2 since taking over the Orioles, so it’s nice to be laughing at his humor rather than his team’s record.

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