Chesapeake Bay Wine Festival

Thanks to Groupon I became aware of, and attended the 2011 Chesapeake Bay Wine Festival held at the Bay Bridge Marina in Kent Island, MD. I got a ticket for almost half off, but would be more than willing to pay the full $30 in the future for this event; we had such a blast and were lucky to have nice weather to make it that much more enjoyable.

Under a number of white tents you could find local wineries, chocolatiers, artists and restaurants. In the background you could hear the bands from the main stage, which served as great background music while you were tasting wines, but was great to listen to on the dock as we relaxed and ate some food.

A total of 11 wineries brought their finest and most popular wines to share, but there was only one that truly stood out to me (in a good way…yes, there were a few not-so-good memories as well). Cygnus Wine Cellars, out of Queen Anne’s County, offered about seven different types of wine, but their 2007 Manchester Hall was amazing! It was a simple semi-dry white wine to be enjoyed any time, but would be paired nicely with seafood, fowl or spicy dishes.

Thank you Groupon to expanding my horizons once again! Cheers!

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