The other night, my girlfriend Katie and I went and saw the new movie, “Bridesmaids.” The reviews were 100% right in saying it was the comedy of the summer (and very relatable to most women to some extent). If you don’t have any plans this weekend and are looking for something low-key to do, please hit up your local movie theater and treat yourself to this hilarious movie!

Along with seeing the movie, I went to my best friend Jessica’s first fitting for her wedding dress. Needless to say, I have weddings on my mind and decided to share some of my favorite Bridesmaid dresses from J.Crew. Luckily, Jessica is not a “Bridezilla” and allowed us to choose whichever dress we liked best as long as we got the “Dark Pacifica” color (show below on the far right). I chose the “Blakely” dress (far right) because it worked best with my particular body type, however you’ll find a ton of different styles available.

{J.Crew Silk Taffeta Bridesmaid Dresses}

All of the above dresses are made in the favorite silk taffeta material and are appropriate to wear in a wedding, to a wedding, and to any other cocktail-like parties.

Thank you to J.Crew for making this wedding experience all the more enjoyable (and fashionable!).

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