Buy Local Challenge

The other day, when making a pit stop at my favorite local bistro, BbBistro, I learned about the “Buy Local Challenege.” I’m signing up and encourage you do the same (whether you live in Maryland or not). Here’s the low-down: 

Who? Individuals, businesses and organizations can take the “Buy Local Challenge.”

What? The “Buy Local Challenge” is a voluntary pledge to include Maryland-grown products in your meals for one week (produce, eggs, meat, fruit, wine, etc).

Where? Stock up at your local farms, farm stands, and markets that offer genuine Maryland products, and dine at restaurants featuring local farm food and wine!

Why? Supporting farms promotes fresher air, cleaner water, healthier families, stronger economies, safer food supplies and a greener, cleaner planet!

When? Buy Local Week is officially the last full week in July every year. But you’ll want to buy from Maryland farmers ALL YEAR after a week of fresh, delicious meals.

How? Click HERE to take the official pledge and discover other ways you can be a part of the “Buy Local Challenge.”


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