FlipFlop Wine = Soles4Souls

As many of you know, Hurricane Irene hit the East Coast pretty hard this past weekend. I made sure to prepare accordingly by going and stocking up one some wine. I’m by no means a wine connoisseur, so when I look for new wines to try I typically go by their names and labels (Woop! Woop! is a wine I picked up by name and really enjoyed). I saw a display for “flipflop wines” and although the label and name was cute, it was the sign hanging on top that caught my eye most – “For every bottle of flipflop wine purchased, Soles4Souls will distribute a pair of shoes to someone in need.” Sold!

 Flipflop has a number of wines to choose from including:

If you’re not so much a wine person, it can’t hurt to have a bottle or two at your house in case you host a dinner party, or to stock up for Christmas gifts. There’s always a good reason to buy a bottle of wine when you know you’re helping someone in need!

 **Please drink responsibly.**

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