Remember Your Roots

I’m very lucky to have wonderful friends, many of which are doing great things with their lives. However, I have one set of friends that are truly making a change in the world, one fashionable organic piece of clothing at a time. My two buddies, Mike and Paul, that I have known since [roughly] kindergarten, have started an 100% organic (and/or recycled material) clothing company called “Remember Your Roots.”

Remember Your Roots is a clothing company that desires to be different. Our goal is to provide consumers with a more ecological clothing alternative without having to sacrifice style. Remember Your Roots is a vehicle in which we hope to promote positive change that we want to see in the world. We believe that every day you pass up on doing something which inspires you, is a day lost in becoming who you truly want to be. Remember Your Roots is your inspiration to be what lies within.”

I have already purchased a RastaRoots Shirt and a Maryland Roots Shirt but, (without giving away anyone’s Christmas gifts…) plan on ordering a few more shirts, and their L’Artiste Zip Hoodie. If you’re looking for a great gift to give this season (or for any other occasion) be sure to check out their website where they’re continually dropping new items!

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