Behind the Scenes: J.Crew

Ever since Mr. Rogers would take me on behind-the-scene tours of how certain things were made I’ve been fascinated in seeing how some of my favorite things are brought to life. Recently J.Crew took us behind the camera to show what really goes on when putting together one of their monthly catalogs.




















For more, please visit J.Crew’s blog here.

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2 Responses to Behind the Scenes: J.Crew

  1. ceislin says:

    Do you work at J.Crew? LOVE J. Crew and a behind the scenes look is always fun!

    • LA says:

      Hey! I do work at J.Crew, which is fantastic because I get discounts on the clothes and all of the other fun things we sell! I’m hoping we’ll have more behind-the-scene’s pictures from the runway show from NYFW (showing on Valentine’s Day this year).

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