Holiday Gifts – A New Series!

I think we can all relate to a certain extent about how hard it can be to pick out Holiday gifts for our friends and family. After doing it for years you just run out of ideas – trust me, I completely understand! To help solve this head scratching problem, I’ve decided to do a series of Holiday Gift posts to help give you ideas on what to give this year! As always, if you have any ideas for me, please let me know!

For our Fitness/Health Guru’s:

Camelbak Better Insulated Bottle –  I use this almost every single day while at work, running errands, and while at the gym!




Aqua Zinger Water Infuser  – Ok, I have yet to try this, but it’s on my Christmas list this year! All you do is add fruits or veggies to the bottom, and wah-lah! flavored water that you can take with you! So cool!

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