A Trip to Paris

Paris France

I was lucky enough to be able to spend four days in Paris last September, but I could have used at least another four days to explore what the City of Lights truly has to offer. If you have only a few days to explore Paris, here are some of my recommendations for places to go and things to see. 1. Visit the Eiffel Tower – It’s iconic and truly amazing in person. If you’re a history buff, take the tour. Make sure you check it out at night, it lights up with sparkles every hour on the hour.

2. Walk around the Luxembourg Gardens. Peaceful, beautiful and a great place when you need a few minutes to rest from running around the city.

Luxembourg Gardens

3. Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral – The architecture, the history – it’s all breathtaking. Be prepared to wait in line and be surrounded by tourists. It’s worth all of the annoyances.

Notre Dame

4. Walk around Montmartre – With so much personality, this village is great to spend an afternoon in. We got lost walking around (which ended up being the best thing), but eventually made our way to the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur. Another beautiful church, but it’s another view of the entire city that is truly amazing (and photo worthy).

Basilica of Sacre-Coeur

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3 Responses to A Trip to Paris

  1. ninamarie15 says:

    Try a whole year XD Just returned from a six month stay in Paris and I still have a whole list of things I want to do when I go back. Great recommendations for travelers with a limited amount of time!

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