You Like That! Redskins Roundup

Redskins[Note: This blog was supposed to be posted a few weeks ago by another source. It was never posted, so I wanted to share it somewhere. It’s a little out of date, but if you haven’t been following the Redskins, this will be a good way to catch you up to speed a bit. Thanks!]

It’s hard to believe we are just about half way through the regular season Luckily for the Redskins, they’re BYE week is next Sunday and they can take a minute to regroup and potentially readjust before the second half of the season kicks off with a tough matchup in New England against the golden boy himself, Tom Brady. If you remember from our last Redskins Roundup, the Redskins were 1-2 heading into a big game against NFC East rival, the Philadelphia Eagles. Here’s the rundown of what’s happened for the Skins over the past four weeks:

  • Week Four: ( W ) Kirk Cousins threw a 4-yard touchdown pass to Pierre Garcon with 26 seconds left to give the Redskins a 23-20 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles.
  • Week Five: ( L ) This was a painful loss. Only because we could have one this game. Robert Alford (Falcons cornerback) returned an interception 59 yards for a touchdown, lifting the undefeated Atlanta Falcons to a 25-19 win over the Redskins in overtime.
  • Week Six: ( L ) If you saw the first half of this game, I’m sorry. It was sloppy all around. In the end, Ryan Fitzpatrick threw two touchdown passes and ran for another score, as the Jets beat up our Redskins 34-20.
  • Week Seven: ( W ): In the last seconds of the game, the Redskins beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (lead by well-known QB Jameis Winston) 31-30. This was great. What was even better? This little gem we saw post-game:

After the BYE, we’ll have nine regular season games left, four of which will be hosted at home at FedEx Field. Four of which are also NFC East matchups. Do I think we’ll win four game? Yes. Do I think we’ll win more than four games to surpass last year’s record? Yes. More than five? Ok, that’s pushing it. As we all know, even if the other NFC East teams are terrible, they always come to play when it’s part of an age-old rivalry. Here’s to hoping that Gruden, Cousins and the other leaders of the Redskins locker room can rally the troops over the next week while making strategic, smart modifications in order to close out the 2015 season strong.

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