Zesty Paws Dog Bites

They were our first. They hold a special place in our hearts. But then, we have our children. That first child—there’s nothing like it. And as much as we love our sweet pups (formerly only referred to as our furbabies), our sweet babies take the priority. Some of the luxuries and special treatment our pooches got has now gone out the window.


Well, poor dogs no more! Now that we’ve got this baby thing figured out (and we manage to get more than two hours of sleep each night), we have a lot more time. And we moms know we’re better than ever when it comes to successfully multi-tasking and getting a lot done in a small window of time. So along with making babies first foods (ok, maybe not all us are blending up special recipes for baby) we’re dedicating some of our time back to the furbabies.

Along with a long walk, extra belly rubs and a new toy, we’re also giving our pups these amazing bites from Zesty Paws. With a number of different benefits, these bites are perfect for any dog. The three we (and by we, we mean our pups) love are:

These bites are a great size. Check the back of the container to see how many bites your dog can get at a time. Depending on their size, you’ll usually give them one or two at a time. Our dogs have loved getting these healthy treats. Every time we go in the pantry to get the container our, they run over because they know what’s coming!

What’s great is giving our dogs these bites doesn’t take any time at all, but the dogs love them and get excited every time we pull them out. It’s a treat for them, but at the same time they’re supporting the dogs overall health. Keeping our pups happy and healthy so they live a fun life with their newest human siblings is what it’s all about.

This post was sponsored by ZestyPaws. Reviews of products are our own.

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