Shark Week Cupcakes

I think it’s safe to say there’s really no explanation needed. #SharkWeek

photo 3

The fins are made out of Oreo cookies (cutting the cookies was tricky!), and the fish are just Sweedish Fish. On the inside of a few you’ll find pink icing!

Shark Week Cupcakes








It’s great what you can make with some funfetti cake mix, icing, and candy!

photo 4 Shark Week

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Rolo Brownies

I love dessert. That’s a fact. But what’s reality is that I don’t always have enough time to make desserts from scratch. This recipe is super easy, doesn’t take too long, and is absolutely delicious if you’re a fan of brownies and Rolo’s.

Rolo Brownies


    • Rolo’s (24 unwrapped)
    • Brownie Mix
    • Icing
    • Sprinkles (optional)




    • Make the brownies as directed on the box.
    • Pour the mix into a mini-cupcake/muffin pan (the kind that holds 24)
    • Bake the brownies as directed.Fresh Out of the Oven
    • As soon as you pull the brownies out, push a Rolo into the middle of the brownie, with the top of the Rolo towards the bottom of the brownie.
    • Let cool for about 15-20 minutes.
    • Add your favorite icing and sprinkles on top and enjoy!
    • WARNING: These are addictive. You’ll probably eat more than one at any given time.

Rolo Browniesdessert

These little Rolo brownie are a fan favorite among my family and friends as well as a personal favorite. Feel free to personalize the decorations as well. Making these for Valentine’s Day? Dye the icing red or use strawberry icing. Not a fan of sprinkles? Skip them! Anything you go with on the top will be a great addition to the goodness on the bottom.

Looking for other dessert recipes? Check out these: click here.


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Fro-Yo Tuna Dog Treats

Winston SunbathingHumans aren’t the only ones who enjoy a cold cocktail or ice cream during the summer. Ok, maybe not cocktails or ice cream, but your furbabies (known to some as dogs) enjoy frozen treats too! And, lets face it, between work, hanging out with friends, going on vacation and everything in between, we don’t have a ton of time to kill during the summer, so the recipe below is an easy, yet delicious treat to make for your four-legged friend.



Fro-Yo Tuna Treats


    • Organic, regular yogurt (non-flavored)Close Up Treat
    • Canned tuna
    • Little bathroom cups


    • Drain the tuna.
    • Mix tuna and yogurt together in a bowl. You can really just eye-ball the amounts you’re mixing together, but try to stay as equal on each ingredient as you can.
    • Spoon mixture into a little bathroom cup.
    • Freeze until solid.
    • Run cups under warm water to pop out the treat. And wa-la!

Winston Eating TreatWinston Enjoying Treat

I added a Milkbone to make Winston’s frozen treat more like a “pupsicle,” but it’s not 100% necessary. You could also throw in a little bit of peanut butter to spice things up as well. You have a better idea of what flavors your furbaby likes, so try to incorporate them!

Do you make summertime goodies for your dog? Share your recipes in the comments below!

For more dog treat recipes click here.

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Favorites: Outer Banks 2014

Such an amazing week in the Outer Banks! Here are a few of my favorite pictures thanks to JRBaj9h3119 xcopy aj9h3109 xcopy aj9h2941-4 copy aj9h2870 winston 934766_747595798616558_6825590699773131720_n aj9h3368 copy aj9h3309 copy

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Bodie Island Lighthouse

While we were in the Outer Banks we couldn’t turn down a trip to local landmark, Bodie Lighthouse

We were lucky enough to only have one day of not-so-great weather so we took advantage, drop 30 minutes south and learned about one of many lighthouses in the Outer Banks.

[Photo by JRB]

[Photo by JRB]

photo 1 photo 3 Bodie Lighthouse

[Photo by JRB]

[Photo by JRB]


[Photo by JRB]

[Photo by JRB]

[Photo by JRB]

[Photo by JRB]

[Photo by JRB]

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Back at the Beach: Outer Banks

So glad to be back in the Outer Banks. We’re having a great time so far and Mr. Jon is taking a lot of wonderful pictures. Enjoy these few from our first night!

Outer Banks Outer Banks OBX Pier OBX Sunset OBX

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Quicken Loans National

Dan, my Dad, and myself had a great time at the Quicken Loans National Golf Tournament at Congressional Country Club this past weekend. We couldn’t have asked for better weather to go watch the pro’s!












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